Puppy Chow – Gluten Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free!

When I was back in high school, one of my friends brought a treat to share during one of our classes.  I’ll never forget her walking into the classroom, carrying a pillow case, taking out handfuls and eating what she called Puppy Chow.  Puppy Chow?!  She was eating dog food?!  I was kinda grossed out by the idea.  Then she told me it was NOT dog food and that I would like it.  When she said peanut butter and chocolate, that was all I needed to hear to get me to try her sweet treat covered in powdered sugar.  Whoa!  It was in instant favorite! 

I’ve been making Puppy Chow ever since then, mostly around the holidays.  Since my little girl’s diagnosis of food allergies, I have changed the recipe to be Nut Free, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.  It is one of my kids’ favorite holiday treats.  Since it is so easy to make, it is one of the first recipes they helped Mommy make when they were toddlers.

1 c Sunflower Seed Butter
1 c Enjoy Life’s Chocolate Chips
4 c Corn Chex
4 c Rice Chex
2 c Powdered Sugar

1.  Melt the Sunflower Seed Butter and chocolate chips together, stir well.
2.  In a really large bowl, pour mixture over Chex and stir carefully.
3.  Add powdered sugar, cover bowl with lid securely and shake.  Or if you don’t have a really big bowl with a lid, you can put the powdered sugar in a 2 gallon ziploc bag, then add the chocolate covered chex.  Seal the bag and shake to coat in powdered sugar.
4.  VOILA!  Yum!


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    Thank you for this recipe! Thankfully, my family does not have any of these allergies, but, my daughter LOVES puppy chow, and we wanted to make it for her birthday-classroom treat. Since her class has both gluten and peanut allergies, this was a great recipe. And I think I won "classroom mom of the year" award for making a friendly treat that everyone could partake in! I was worried that it wouldn't taste as good as the original recipe, but it was very tasty. The sun butter adds an interesting nutty flavor to it. The kids loved it!

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