Banana Split La La Palooza!

Bridgeman’s Restaurant opened their first Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor in Minnesota back in 1936.  This family owned hot spot is known for their La La Palooza Challenge, an 8 scoop ice cream sundae!  As a kid, that sounded like such a fun idea to me.  Now as an adult, that sounds like a tummy ache waiting to happen.  But…not when it’s shared with your whole family!  So as summer came to an end and our kids finished their summer bridge books (workbooks to prepare for the next school year), we decided to reward them with this family sized ice cream sundae.

Your favorite Vanilla Ice Cream (my favorite is Breyer’s Natural Vanilla-just 5 familiar ingredients)
Caramel ( We use Smuckers)
Hot Fudge ( We use Smuckers unless you want to make your own)
Strawberry Sauce ( I made my own for waffles and refrigerated the rest for this, click here for the recipe I used from Taste of Home)
Whipped Cream