Unexpected sources of allergens

Checking ingredient labels are a regular part of grocery shopping with food allergies.  I never thought of checking my spices though until I noticed that some spices may be cross-contaminated.  If you have allergies, don’t ever let your guard down.  Read labels on everything, food, spices, meats, make-up and soaps.   
Have you come across unexpected sources of allergens?  Please share with the rest of us, we can help each other out. 
Have a good and safe weekend friends!

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    Many of the products from Walmart have allergy warnings. Our church's preschool doesn't purchase anything for the children from the bakery because of peanut contamination risks.

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    peanuts in potting soil. It's not even a food! I just learned about this a few months ago and we've been dealing with a peanut allergy for 3 years now. Who knew…

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    Becky Matlack

    Of a mom with a daughter who has extreme peanut allergies I have learned the hard way what all its in. Please be aware that it is in Ant traps and roach traps also. Also be sure and check any pesticides you put on your yard. The ones that are granules are sometimes ground up peanut shells.

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