School Parties & Food Allergies

Thank you to all the parents who sent non-food valentines to school yesterday! 

I feel kinda old school when I think, “What ever happened to just sending valentine cards?”  I remember being excited as a kid for Valentine’s Day parties and all I remember getting was cute little cards.  Yesterday, I was in my son’s class for his party and not many of the kids even read their cards, it was just about the candy the got.  Sometimes I really like the simpler days.

Don’t get me wrong, I really LOVE sweets!  But food allergies and school complicates that.

On February 13, my daughter’s teacher let me come into the classroom to read a beautiful and informative children’s book on food allergies, called The Bugabees (watch for a giveaway next week).  We had a great discussion with the kids about how to keep their friends safe at the Valentine’s Day party the next day.  He decided to have the children open their cards during the party, but to wait to have their treats until they got home.

That little decision made a big impact on me.  We have a wonderful school and wonderful teachers!

When school was over, my kids poured out their candy on the living room floor to sort through what what they could and couldn’t keep.  Unfortunately, with the combo of food allergies and now orthodontics (no chewy or sticky candy), there are very few safe candies.  And between those two things, now all of my kids are affected.

So as Mom, I’m trying to figure out how to bring something good out of these situations.  Here are the two ideas I came up with.

1.  Go to the store today and buy them safe candy to exchange for the candy they can’t have.


2.  Exchange the candy for money.

I’m pretty sure my kids would want the money so I’m gonna weigh it on my food scale and pay them per ounce.

I have two questions for you dear readers:

1.  What do you do with all the candy you can’t have?

2.  What is your favorite non-food valentine ideas?  

Please share your ideas with the rest of us!

Thank you!


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    Becca Groves

    This is insane! I read your post on the Candy Sale this morning and sort of thought it might have been left over candy from Halloween. I'm so out of the loop! Is Valentines the new Halloween for candy?!


    Around Halloween I had heard of dentists collecting extra candy and sending it to military overseas… was this you who told me this? 🙂

    My other idea is to find a young married couple who don't have kids yet! They don't have to be good role models yet. heh.

  2. 2

    I usually put the candy in the trash. They get to pick one or 2 things. But for valentines day when almost all candy is red or at least has red dye in it, we just pitch it. It isn't worth the side effects.

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