Read, Read and Re-Read Ingredient Information

In nursing school, you are taught to check our prescriptions over and over and over again, before giving a medication to a patient.  I think about what I give my daughter to eat in this same way.  I read the label in the grocery store, often a couple times to make sure I didn’t miss something.   I read the label when I get home before I give it a happy face sticker, which in our house let’s family and babysitters know that that particular item is “Anna safe.”  And I read the label again right before she eats something.

Recently, we were going out for a walk.  It was snack time, so I grabbed a little Annie’s individualized snack bag for Noah and Josie.  I brought Anna an individualized snack bag of her Gluten Free cookies.  When I opened Anna’s bag for her and was about to pass it to her, I thought oops, I better read the ingredients one more time.  This time I noticed it was made in a facility that also processes eggs.  She is so severely allergic to egg that she cannot risk the cross contamination.  My heart stopped for a minute as I realized I almost passed her cookies to her, without reading the ingredients for a 3rd time.   We could have been calling 911 instead of going on a walk.  It was a great teaching moment for our whole family.  I explained how I had heard that it was important to ALWAYS read the ingredients carefully because the ingredients can change.  I’m quite certain she had had those cookies before, but now the ingredient information was different and she could no longer eat them.  This was a great learning opportunity for myself and for our kids.  So please remember my near mistake and read your ingredient information super carefully!


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    Mom K

    Sooo thankful for your nurse's training. God has prepared you for what you were to face as a Mother. Great article, but certainly scary.

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    SOOOO true! I have also found that you must literally read ALL the ingredients rather than just scanning the "CONTAINS…". I have found mistakes in labeling before. If I hadn't read through a list of ingredients I wouldn't have found "egg whites" clear as day in the list. Unfortunately, only soy was listed as a potential allergen… great post – thanks for the reminder!

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