More about Memories, Less about Allergies

This weekend marked our first ever family camping experience.  We joined some friends and went to a beautiful state park.  If you have camped with kids before, you know how much preparation goes into camping.  And camping with food allergies and asthma adds more preparation…ALL I must say was totally worth it!  The morning before leaving was filled with baking up some Banana Bread Muffins for an easy breakfast, Sandwich Bread for some sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches, Grandma’s Double Good Chocolate Chip Cookies and Southwestern Dip with tortilla chips to share.  Being prepared was essential.  Necessary camping gear, personal items, food, daily medicine, nebulizer machine and meds, and Epi Pens all had to get in the car.  Along with knowing the nearest hospital location and how long it would take to get there.  One Epi Pen needed to be along for every 15 minutes of travel it would take to get to a hospital if Anna had an allergic reaction.  I declared, our family needs a travel checklist stored on the computer so that every time we travel I don’t have to make new lists and hope we didn’t forget something.  Wouldn’t that be great?  One master list to use each time you travel.  So once preparations were set, we were ready to unplug from all media and phones, and just spend time together building memories. 

Our family’s 1st Camping Trip
 We set off on a hike to a Fire Tower.  We were prepared to hit a lot of steps.  And there were a lot of steps, over 625 steps up to the top!
Sometimes your kids can surprise you, no one complained or whined and all the kids climbed quickly all the way up.  I say quickly, because the adults climbed to the top too, just not exactly quickly.  Up, up, up we went and when we got to the top of bluff the view was beautiful!   At the top, sat the fire tower, much, much taller than I had expected.   
My little Josie, bravely climbed up the narrow steep stairs with me all the way to the top!  There were about another 200 steps to get the top, but the view there was amazing!  It was a 360 degree view of bluffs all around you.  And you quickly understand why years ago this was built to locate fires in the area…although I bet it took them a while to get back down the bluff and do something about the fire.  Makes me more thankful for our technology and firefighters today.
The Fire Tower hike was followed by another hike, then a trip to the beach on the river.  The kids could have played here all day.  
Josie playing in the sand
The kids made “donuts” out of sand, built sandcastles, played in the river, caught around 200 tadpoles and covered our “I don’t like to get dirty or sticky” son with wet sand.
Our camping trip strengthened these sweet friendships and built some amazing family memories!  No one was hurt and Anna stayed clear of allergic reactions!  Thank you Lord! 
We can’t wait to go again!
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