Little Allergy Bracelet

Last fall, Anna was excited to start Kindergarten.  I had never been away from her for long periods of time and it made me nervous not to be able to be her voice with her food allergies and asthma.  Anna and I had several conversations about speaking up and who to tell if she felt a reaction coming on.  I had talks with the school nurse and her teacher to make sure everyone was educated on how severe Anna’s allergies are.  Thankfully, they were wonderful to work with and assured me of the systems they have place in our school for food allergies.  Her teacher told me she decided to take play dough out of her curriculum for the year.  She even took it out for the other half day kids to make sure there was no residue of it around the class room.  I was highly impressed at how well she understood and how proactive she was.  It made me feel much better about letting her go to school and be in their care.

We decided to order Anna a medical ID bracelet so that anyone around her would be able to quickly identify her allergies.  She helped pick out this adorable one we found online.  After a couple of months, she came home with these remainders in a baggie and said it fell apart at school.  So now we are in pursuit of a more durable one, one that will handle a little girl playing and hopefully a really cute one that she can actually enjoy wearing.  I have a feeling we will go through several ID bracelets as she grows.  Where have you found allergy bracelets?