It’s Time For a Christmas Giveaway!

That’s right friends, get excited! One lucky reader will receive a autographed copy of “The Family Book of Advent: 25 Stories & Activities to Celebrate the Meaning of Christmas” by Carol Garborg.  Carol is a parent educator, author and speaker.  You can visit her website by clicking here.  This would make a great gift or a great addition for your family.

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Each year during the Christmas season, I find myself wishing I had a little devotional for our family.  Something intentional to draw us together and focus on the real meaning of Christmas.  My intentions are always high, to add my own activities or crafts in with a reading but I never seem to get around to it and my kids just keep on getting older, while I keep dreaming and not implementing.

Carol sent me her new book and I’m thrilled to share it with you.  She has done a great job of writing a meaningful message, a creative activity, a thought provoking question to ponder and a prayer for each day, from December 1st to Christmas Eve.  Some days there are a couple activity options.  You can pick one activity and save the other one for next year.  Or you could just pick the one you have the supplies for or will work best for your family.  One of my favorite things about “The Family Book of Advent” is that there is a supply list in the back of the book.  I was able to look over the list and see what items I don’t have, in order to make myself a list of items I needed to purchase.  That made it so simple to get prepared for the whole month of activities, in just a few minutes.

The book has three recipes included and are allergy friendly.  One of the days suggests creating a new family tradition of making homemade hot cocoa together, then gathering around your Christmas tree to share memories of happy times, funny times, or maybe even sad times.  For example, “I remember when…” or “My favorite Christmas memory was when…”.  Included is a recipe for homemade hot cocoa.  Yep, Martha Stewart like homemade hot cocoa.  This was a fun new idea to me!  I’ve always just bought the mix to add to hot water.  We are all out of the dry mix so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to make it from scratch which is probably much healthier anyways.  The recipe calls for marshmallow creme which contains eggs so we had to skip that ingredient.  Instead, I added a few regular sized marshmallows and stirred the cocoa until they melted.

Top with mini marshmallows or whipped cream, crushed candy canes or Enjoy Life’s Mini Chocolate Chips (free of the Top 8 Food Allergens) or both.   If you have a dairy/milk allergy, you might want to try Thai Coconut Milk whipped into cream.  My sister Brenda’s wonderful instructions are below.

To make Thai Coconut Milk (Dairy Free) Whipped Cream:
Place can in refrigerator until well chilled.  Being careful not to shake the can, remove it from the refrigerator.  It will solidify on top.  Take that part out of the can and whip it with a sweetener of your choice.

“The Family Book of Advent” can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and

Disclosure:  I have been given one copy of “The Family Book of Advent”.  All review opinions are my own.


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  1. 1
    Heather Scufsa

    Our favorite tradition is the advent calendar from my mom. We have a wooden box with shutters for each day and inside are tiny ornaments which go on their very own tree. Many of the ornaments are from my exchange year in Germany.

  2. 2
    Laura Chapman

    Our favorite traditions are baking, decorating, our Christmas eve/day plans are very traditional as to who we spend it with and what we do. And each year we get the girls an ornament. We love reminiscing over each ornament as we decorate the tree. Whether it be the ornaments we have gotten for them or that they have gotten from others, each is very special.

  3. 6
    Jamie Willow

    I think one of our favorite traditions is to wear matchy matchy on christmas…if you spend christmas with us, we make sure you also match…family or friend 🙂 it's fun. and of course we take pictures!

  4. 15
    Leisha Lockrem

    One of my favorite Christmas memories as a child was walking two blocks to my Grandma's house and helping her make the Christmas pies from scratch. She had severe arthritis in her hands and had trouble rolling out the dough. It brought me great joy knowing I could help her and we could all still enjoy her wonderful baking. I think that's where my love of baking starting too!

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