I’d like you to meet Annie’s Gluten Free Rice Shells & Creamy White Cheddar

The first gluten free mac n cheese we tried was awful (it was NOT Annie’s brand), it tasted like a cardboard box.  Honestly.  We actually ended up tossing it because no one could eat it, not even Anna who had never had the “real” stuff.  Once we tried Annie’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese that became our favorite.
Typically, Target has the best price on the Annie’s Gluten Free Mac n Cheese.  So on a recent trip to Target, we were stocking up on it and found this NEW flavor, Rice Shells and Creamy White Cheddar.  The wheat version of this is our families favorite and now it’s available gluten free so Anna can enjoy it too.  We made it for lunch and I was SO surprised at how GOOD it was.  I actually thought it tasted better than the wheat version.  In fact it was so good, I was a little nervous that maybe it got mixed up and wasn’t really gluten free.  Time was our friend.  Time passed, and Anna didn’t have a reaction, I was rejoicing that Annie’s has made a gluten free boxed mac n cheese that was delicious.  Give it a try if you can find it in your area and enjoy it’s creamy cheesy goodness.