Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Trying to find a frozen pizza that is both gluten free and egg free is a challenge.  Amy’s Rice Crust pizza was the only one that I could find that worked for Anna.  The downfall is that they cost about $9 per pizza and she only ate a couple of pieces.  So when my Mom forwarded the link to this recipe, I decided quickly that this was something worth trying.  And the result…our whole family loves it!   I hope you do too.

Growing up my Mom made homemade pizza for our family every week while we watched The Muppet Show.  Now I can carry on the tradition of homemade pizza.  No more weekly Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy but we still enjoy our pizza during our family movie or game nights.

Tip:  For our family of 5, we double the recipe to make 2 pizzas.  These crusts can even be made ahead of time, bake the crust, top it then wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze. 

My Mom found this recipe by Taste of Home.  I don’t change anything in their recipe so to see it, please go to their site to check out this yummy recipe!

Taste Of Home gluten-free pizza crust recipe

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    Aww, geez- really? Taste of Home? I just made your Paula Mix AND your Natalie Mix and I was firmly convinced one of those would have a pizza crust recipe. Guess that's your new mission 🙂
    This is the recipe I adore: I'd be willing to bet it would be a knock out with one of your mixes.
    I did, however, make the mini donuts and the white bread, both turned out really well! thanks for allergy free recipes!

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