Giggles Fun Dough: Review & Giveaway!

Hello again, dear friends!  I was on an unintentional blogging vacation.  The past couple weeks have been full of fun with my kids, from sun up to sun down.  Ok, not exactly sun up, which I am really thankful for!  I really love summer!  The pace is slower, we are outside more.  A lot more.  And I get to spend so much time with my kids!!  I hope you are all having lots of fun with your families and friends as well.

When Anna got diagnosed with her wheat allergy, our old friend play dough had to leave our house.  I didn’t want to let Noah and Josie play with it and not Anna.  Plus, it left behind a lot of residue.  Not just on the table and fun tools but it gets everywhere.  So we decided to say goodbye to our old friend.

Fortunately, we quickly found Moon Dough and it was a safe option (call the company to find out if it is still safe and safe for you).  Boy oh boy, I thought play dough was messy.  Moon Dough takes the cake.  It is lots of fun but very messy!  In fact, it quickly became something I confined to playing outside at the table to make clean up a little easier.

When Anna started Kindergarten, we met with her teacher to explain her allergies to her.  She boosted my confidence in having her in someone else’s care, when she told me she was going to remove play dough from her curriculum for that year.  Even for her other half day class.  She said she didn’t want to risk any residue in the classroom.  And as you can imagine, that made my heart so happy.  I wouldn’t have to worry about that culprit.  However, I really wished I could have given her an allergy friendly option.  There just wasn’t a allergy friendly play dough around (besides homemade).

Not long ago I heard about Giggles Fun Dough.  Giggles is an allergy friendly playdough!!!  That’s right folks, it’s time to celebrate!!  I am over the top excited about them.  I seriously wished I could give the founders a big hug!!  Play dough can come back into our home.  Now I just wish I hadn’t gotten rid of all our cool play dough tools.

Giggles Fun Dough was created for a young girl with celiac by her Mom and her Aunt.   It is gluten free, free of the top 10 allergens, has no artificial colors or dyes, fragrance free and made in a dedicated facility!  They generously sent us a sample of their product to play with and review for you.  It feels and plays like Play-doh.  Giggles Fun Dough is missing the “not so pleasant” smell of Play-doh which is a plus for me.  In fact, I don’t even noticed a smell!  Our kids had a blast playing with it!

It will last about a year in it’s original container at room temperature.  They are based out of Canada.  Currently, you can pre-order Giggles Fun Dough through their campaign for delivery this September.  Perfect timing for back to school!

Three cheers for Giggles Fun Dough!!!

One lucky reader will win their very own Giggles Fun Dough package!  Enter below with the help of easy peasy Rafflecopter.

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