Epi Travels

We are taking a road trip this weekend.  Road trips with asthma and allergies takes extra planning.  Anna’s asthma has been flaring this week, thanks to good old springtime blooms.  She has been on her nebs, so last night I very carefully packed her neb, tubing, mask and medicine.  While I was packing I thought to myself, we could forget anything BUT asthma nebs & medicine and Epinephrine.  Everything else could easily be replaced at a store along the way.  

We got on the road this morning, nice weather, full tank of gas, meds and food for Anna packed along with our suitcases.  About an hour into the trip my heart sank as I realized I forgot to grab her EPI pen!!!!  Oh no!  I suddenly felt so vulnerable and anxious.  
Then I realized maybe her pharmacy could transfer her prescription to one of their stores at our destination.   With the help of modern technology, I made a few phone calls and had it all set.  We could pick it up in half an hour, just before we get lunch.  
I am so thankful for modern technology!  We would have had to add on over two hours to our trip of we had to turn around.
I felt horrible that I let her down and left her health at risk.  I was not a good role model while I’m trying to teach my seven year old the importance of ALWAYS carrying your epinephrine.
I told Anna, in the back of our van, that Mommy forgot her EPI, but that we were stopping in a few minutes to get a new one.  She lit up as she informed me that she might have it in her travel bag!!  After a little digging, there it was!!
Wow!!  I am so proud of her for remembering to bring it, without my prompting.  It is so good to see your kids learning responsibility and safety.  My heart was so relieved and I was able to call and cancel our order at the pharmacy.  She is my little rock star!  


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