Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

Thank you Kelapo for sending me a sample of your Coconut Oil Cooking Spray!  Friends, this cooking spray is amazing!  I am so excited about it and let me tell you why.  There seems to be a lot of talk now days about the benefits of using coconut oil, here is an article in Shape Magazine discussing the possible benefits.   It contains no trans fats and is high in omega-3 fatty acids.  I have been using Coconut Oil in my baking since discovering Erin McKenna’s Babycakes Cookbook.  Surprisingly, it is a great egg substitute as long as there are only 1-2 eggs in the original recipe.  It works great in muffins and quick breads and is actually the oil used in my favorite gluten free, egg free bread recipe.  I love that Kelapo’s products are organic and certified “Fair For Life” by the IMO Fair Trade Program!  I am hooked.  If you try this, let us all know what you think too.

Way to go Kelapo and thank you!