Birthday Parties #1: 1st Birthday!

We recently celebrated our son Noah’s birthday.   So while I’m still in birthday mode, I want to share with you about our birthday celebrations with food allergies.  So today’s post is the first in I’m not sure how many it will be, posts.

Celebration.  Family.  Friends.  Party.  Games.  Music.  Balloons.  Birthday Box.  Streamered  Door.  Cards.  Gifts.  Special Plate.  Pizza.  Cake/Dessert.   These are all part of our birthday traditions.  And in our family, we all get really excited for each others special day.  Anna was diagnosed with food allergies at 10 months old, so when Anna and Josie’s first birthday rolled around, I was wanting to find a cake that was safe for both of them.  I had heard about a gluten free bakery near us and went in to check it out.  My hopes were deflated when the bakery informed me they could not bake an egg free cake.  I was so sad.  Clearly Anna wouldn’t know any different if she didn’t get to eat the cake at their first birthday, but I was sad I couldn’t give that to her.  So we went ahead and ordered cakes for photos, “blowing out” their candles and for our party guests to enjoy.  Meanwhile, I dreamed of how I hoped to someday have a safe cake.

Just in case your itching to know what the polka dot pictures are all about…I put a picture of each of the girls at each month of their first year, inside a polka dot and made a little timeline around our living room. 

We love birthdays here (and yes, polka dots too)!

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