Babies & Toddlers: Introduction of Solid Foods

When Anna had her first reaction before her first birthday, I found myself stumped with what I could feed her to introduce “chewing” solid foods.  Since Cheerios was no longer an option, Baby Mum-Mum’s became our new favorite finger food.  They dissolve like a Cheerio.  Even as Anna has gotten older still loves these, even better than than the hard, crunchy rice crackers.  They come in several flavors.  The original flavor is great with a little pub cheese from Trader Joes smeared on top.  A little cream cheese and sliced strawberries would go well too.  The Banana and Strawberry Mum-Mums are a favorite snack on the go since they are individually wrapped. 

As with any new food, ALWAYS read the label and make sure it is safe for you!  When in doubt, check with your Physician first.  Some items I recommend may have been made in facilities with allergens, please do not use them without checking with your physician and be careful.

Here are some other food ideas if your little one cannot have wheat or eggs.  Little pieces of Banana Bread, cooked brown rice, avocado, bananas, cooked sweet potato and other safe for you veggies/fruits…