At 10 months, Anna experienced her first cheerios and teething biscuit.   She devoured the biscuit and found a fun, new messy food.  A few minutes later is was no longer fun.  Her nose suddenly started running, her eyes got puffy and watery, she started coughing persistently.  She was having a severe allergic reaction.  We called 911.  I held her in my arms while staring out the front window, waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  Meanwhile, she started wheezing and was struggling to breathe. The paramedics could not arrive quick enough. My heart was pounding, my husband and I were so scared at what was happening to our sweet little girl. Help finally arrived and she went to the ER.  The Dr there did some allergy testing on her and the next day our Pediatrician called with the results.  Anna tested allergic to wheat, egg, rye, barley, peanuts, tree nuts, oats, strawberries, corn, coconut, dairy and soy.  What could she eat?   We started with puffed rice, and every time we discovered a new food it felt like a little victory.  And so began this journey of re-learning how to cook without certain foods.